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Get the 2014 look in your kitchen

Get the 2014 look in your kitchen

Published : 15/05/2014   |   Author: HOMEMAKERSonline

The most important design trend in 2014 for kitchens is modern simplicity. A sleek, sophisticated room that’s highly functional and streamlined is truly all the rage right now – all the designers are making this look work for a range of different home styles.

Last year, the trend was to make the kitchen the focal point of the home. This is still the case; however, the main focus now is on turning your kitchen into a sophisticated, modern room.

A great bonus of this latest trend is that it’s incredibly useful if you have a small kitchen. A streamlined design that makes the most of the space available will give you a room that feels much bigger without doing any major kitchen renovations.

The top kitchen trend for 2014 is a sleek, modern design

Grey is the new white

A monochromatic colour scheme that uses shades of grey is at the top of the trends in 2014. Designers from around the world have embraced grey as their new go-to colour for kitchens. Grey gives you the same clean look as an all-white room does, but it also gives your kitchen an edge.

This doesn’t mean that your entire kitchen should be grey. You can spice it up by having blocks of a contrasting colour added in various ways. Additionally, many designers are making statements with oversized light fixtures to add visual interest.

Add tiny pops of colour to a grey palette

Disguise appliances as drawers or cupboards

It used to be that you hid only your kitchen bin behind a cupboard door. Now, designers are disguising all appliances behind doors and drawers to give the kitchen a seamless look.

Fridges now become large, freestanding cupboards. Microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines can all take refuge behind doors that look just like the rest of your kitchen.

All of this serves to give your kitchen a streamlined look that is both functional and sleek. It also helps to save space on your counters.

Oversized light fixtures add visual interest to a monochromatic colour scheme

Futuristic kitchen technology

In 2014, your kitchen shouldn’t just look modern – it should be modern. You can get a range of technological additions to your kitchen that will make it feel like a room out of the future.

One of the top additions to kitchens in 2014 is an automated tap for the sink. This is a great feature if you love to cook as it means you don’t have to keep touching the tap when you have fingers covered in food.

Other fun technological additions include sensor-activated lights that switch on when you enter the room and turn off when you leave. These are ideal for saving energy and keeping electricity bills down.

Automated taps are the ideal addition to a modern kitchen

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Storage Space

There are so many items that need to be stored in a kitchen besides fresh produce – Canned and boxed foods, equipment and utensils, pots and pans, mixing bowls and baking dishes, cleaning products, and many many more.

Blum researched this through consumer focus groups and identified 5 categories of storage zones:

  • Consumables (edible items)
  • Non Consumables (food serving and storage)
  • Cleaning
  • Preparation
  • Cooking

Helpful Tips

  • Store items at point of first or last use. Glassware could be stored close to the fridge and coffee mugs near the kettle. Alternatively they could both be stored near the dishwasher, the point of last use in the clean up process
  • Store items in duplicate locations if needed. Hot pads should be stored next to the stock and the oven
  • Items that are used together should be stored together. Measuring cups and measuring spoons should be in the same drawer
  • Items should be stored so they are easy to see. Placing spices in a rack at eye level will make it easier to find the right one. Full extension drawer runners will bring all of the items stored there into view
  • Frequently used items should be stored so they are easy to reach. Leaving the kettle on the counter will be a good idea if the kettle is used every day to make coffee and or tea.
  • Like items should be stored or grouped together. Dishes, bowls, plates or canned food is usually grouped together by stacking
  • Store hazardous items out or reach of children or others who may be harmed by them. Placing knives in a knife block or in a drawer could keep them inaccessible to small children. Consider child-proof locks on cabinets containing cleaning supplies and or breakable
  • Store items in the appropriate environment. Items like potatoes and onions are best stored in a dry place with good circulation, such as a vegetable basket.

Does your Kitchen have a enough storage space?

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Make your time in the kitchen enjoyable and efficient!

Counter Space


Last time, we discussed the working triangle. This time, we discuss counter top space.

(Missed the one about the Working Triangle? Read it here)

Each point of the triangle (Sink, Fridge, Stove) need counter space next to them. This will allow you to carry out the tasks you need to with comfortable room around you. The space needed at each point of the triangle should be between 45cm and 60cm.


Sink - Having counter space next to your sink allows you to cut and prep your food with ease.

Stove - Stove-side space is useful for placing the food you are cooking, along with the herbs and spices and utensils you need.

Fridge - Taking food out of the fridge to prepare a meal can become a juggling act unless you have some nearby counter space to use.

Is your kitchen cramped and lacking counter space?

If it is, call us today to design your kitchen with a better flow. Click here to visit www.kbg.co.za, or call us on 012 666 8555.

Make your time in the kitchen enjoyable and efficient!

Get the look of a designer kitchen for less


Many of the hottest kitchen-design trends—bright colors, sleek shelving, focal point lighting and chic finishes—are easy to replicate even on a small budget. A spot of new paint here, new hardware there and suddenly you have a refreshed kitchen. Here’s some of the latest kitchen trends and how to get the look for less using clever designer tips, tricks, and other advice from our experts.

Trend: Sleek Euro-style (Above)
You’ve seen those kitchens with the minimalist cabinets, laboratory-style faucets, and acres of countertops that look like no one’s ever dropped a crumb anywhere. Yes, they’re gorgeous. But no, they’re not budget- or family-friendly. And yet the calm simplicity of that clean look is much more accessible than you might expect.

The look for less. Start by decluttering countertops and shelves. It costs nothing to put away as much stuff as you can, and it’s one of the secrets to the sleek Euro look, says Kelly Morisseau, a San Francisco designer. Then rethink storage areas. You might not be able to replace cabinets with glossy, frameless models, but you can change the way the old ones look with easy tricks.

•  Use a wall to clear clutter. European kitchens often feature rail-style storage systems mounted on a backsplash, says Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer in New York, and they’re available for a song at stores such as Ikea. Two other sleek design staples are floating shelves and wall-mounted knife racks.
•  Paint cabinet doors. You can change the whole look of your kitchen with a high-gloss finish in a neutral color.
•  Make things match. “If you already have simple white or pale wood cabinets,” Morisseau says, “paint the surrounding wall or the backsplash in a similar shade for a modern, mono-chromatic look.”


Trend: Bold color schemes
Move over, neutrals! Designers are loving intense, sunny yellows; bright emerald green; moody gray-blues; and the richness of charcoal for kitchens. But repainting your entire kitchen requires an investment of time and money—not to mention the confidence to commit to a strong shade you could tire of next year.

The look for less. Add small updates to your existing scheme with a trendy new color, says Serra.

•  Buy some colorful accessories. For example, put out a teakettle or an enameled Dutch oven, Serra says.
•  Add a pop of color. If you have cabinets with glass doors, paint just the back wall of the cabinets.
•  Add a chalkboard wall. “It’s great for making lists,” says Sabrina Soto, designer and host of “The High Low Project” on HGTV.
•  Hang a bright valence. Frame windows with some color, says Morisseau.


Trend: Tricked-out cabinets
The latest kitchen cabinets come with rich finishes and gorgeous hardware. They’re packed with conveniences such as lifts for easy access to heavy appliances and built-in organizing systems that can make a workspace more efficient. But those extras come at a premium. Kitchen remodelers can expect to spend as much as 40 percent of their total budget on new cabinets, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

The look for less. You can’t expect to replace your units for $50, but you can make small, high-impact changes.

•  Change the hardware. Pick a trendy finish such as oil-rubbed bronze, copper, or satin nickel, and a contemporary shape. But don’t pay less than about $3 per knob or pull, Serra advises. “You can find cheaper hardware out there, but it won’t last—the finish will come off.”
•  Make the most of the interiors. Inexpensive drawer dividers that you can make yourself will help you create order in a snap, Soto says. Roll-out wire or mesh drawers, spinning spice racks, and even fresh shelf paper can give new life to existing cabinets.


Trend: Statement light fixtures
“One great light fixture can transform the look of the entire kitchen,” Morisseau says. You can use it to create dramatic emphasis in a particular spot—over an island, for example. Plus it will add illumination, an essential and often overlooked element of any well-planned workspace.

The look for less. Keep an eye out for sales and look for fun vintage fixtures at flea markets and garage sales, Serra says. You might have to pay to have the fixture rewired, but chances are the total cost will still be less than $50.

•  Change the finish. if you like the shape, size, and price of a fixture but not the finish, you can often change it with metallic spray paint. “Copper is so hot right now,” says designer Casey Noble, host of HGTV’s “Design on a Dime.” “You can use spray paint to give almost anything, including light fixtures, the warm look of copper.” Krylon and Rustoleum have a variety of finishes for about $5 a can.
•  Hang a trendy drum shade. For a fresh, mod look, pick up a pendant cord kit (about $5) and hang an oversized drum shade above a kitchen table or island.


Trend: Industrial chic
A bold restaurant-style range will run you a hefty $3,500 or more; a commercial-style faucet can cost several hundred. But according to our testers, most pro-style appliances aren’t worth the price premium.

The look for less. You can capture the feeling of industrial chic with the strategic placement of a few gleaming metal accessories.

•  Make the small stuff count. Create a commercial look with a stainless-steel toaster on a countertop or a metal canister full of utensils set beside the range, Morisseau says. To find high-end accents at a big discount, Serra suggests trolling such stores as HomeGoods and Marshalls.
•  Try a hanging pot rack. Placing it above the range or island not only adds storage in a small space but also puts cookware on display, as it often is in commercial kitchens.
•  Hang a stainless steel shelf. It’s another way to display cookware, restaurant-style.

Trend: Marble or granite
Year after year, stone counters remain at the top of many kitchen wish lists. Stone has its pros—good looks and durability for varieties such as granite and quartz—but also has its cons. Price, of course, is the biggie. replacing your laminate counters with stone will cost $40 to $150 per square foot. And marble tends to stain easily, and its edges are vulnerable to chipping, according to our testers.

The look for less. Add just a hint of the rich elegance of marble or granite to spice up your space.

•  Create a stunning focal point. Mixing countertop materials is a trendy look that can cut costs. Use stone on one small area, say, an island or a prep zone near the stove. To make it work, go for contrast—use chocolate granite on an island to complement cream-colored counters, for example. Look for remnant slabs at a local stone yard.
•  Add just a touch of stone. “Live with your current counters and keep a big marble pastry board out all the time,” Serra says. It’s affordable and practical, especially if you bake; marble’s cool surface is ideal for rolling out dough.

—Adapted from Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide

The Working Triangle

The Working Triangle

The working triangle is the most important aspect of the kitchen design. You need to create a working triangle for all the components to interlock and work in harmony. This will make working in your kitchen a pleasure.

"…this will make working in your kitchen a pleasure."

Sink, Fridge and Stove

Sink, Fridge and Stove/oven are the 3 points of the triangle.

Each leg of the triangle must not be less than 1,2 meters long and not more than about 3 meters.

These distances will ensure that there is some storage/cupboard space between each center… and also makes sure you won’t need roller skates to get to each center!

Helpful Tips

  • No traffic or any other item should interfere with the basic triangle. Interferences interrupt the cooks movement and can be dangerous if the cook is carrying hot food, and so on.
  • Don’t have a tall unit within the work triangle

Does your Kitchen have a good Working Triangle?

Top value-add home renovation trends

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06 Mar 2014

In the competitive environment of the real estate market, standing out above the crowd is essential for homeowners who want to increase the value of their property and ensure that they get the best possible price for their homes should they decide to sell.

Homeowners with the space and resources are focusing on creating luxurious bathrooms, which include underfloor heating, stand-alone tubs and showers that feature multiple water options.

Many homeowners have turned to renovation as the key to increasing both the home’s value and its appeal to would-be buyers. This is according to Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, who says renovation projects are currently on the upswing.

He notes that while renovating could be the answer for those looking for an edge in the market, it is essential that any remodelling project be undertaken in the correct manner to ensure that it has the desired impact.

He says if adding value is the end goal, then it is imperative that the project is handled by a trained professional who has the qualifications to complete the work according to the highest possible standards. The cost of fixing badly completed renovations will far outweigh any savings made by cutting corners or using someone who is not qualified, he says.

Goslett advises that homeowners speak to several well-regarded contractors before moving ahead with any renovation projects. He says they should provide each of the contractors with the same information so that it is possible to compare quotes and that they also check the contractor’s references and read any reviews that may be online. “This is a great way to obtain information about the contractor and establish whether or not any previous clients have reported any problems with regard to communication, delays or site clean-up.”

According to Goslett, certain home improvements will add more value to a home than others such as kitchens and bathrooms, for example, which remain the most popular areas to upgrade. Statistics suggest that while these rooms can be costly to renovate, they will push up the value of the home more than any other remodelling project.

Knowing the current renovation trends and what potential buyers are looking for will assist homeowners to decide which projects to undertake and how to make the most of them.

Goslett has the following tips for homeowners…

Open plan living areas 

Many renovation ventures involve removing walls to create an open space and flow between the rooms, particularly the kitchen and living areas. Removing the walls can make smaller homes appear bigger, and can create a more social atmosphere where household members can interact even while they’re busy in different areas of the house.

These renovations include placing an island in between two previously separated rooms to define the spaces while still creating flow. Often, hardwood or similar style flooring is used in the kitchen and living spaces for continuity.

Energy efficiency

A growing trend among homeowners is the need to reduce wasting energy. A large proportion of home improvements include eco-friendly systems that effectively cut down on energy usage and a home’s carbon footprint. These renovations include home automation systems, water-restricting showerheads, solar panelling and replacing old light bulbs with LED lights. 

A growing number of homeowners are also including recycled building materials into newer spaces to save on resources and create an eclectic combination which is trendy.

Bathroom bliss

Homeowners with the space and resources are focusing on creating luxurious bathrooms, which include underfloor heating, stand-alone tubs and showers that feature multiple water options. The emphasis is on both extravagance and comfort.

Smart technology customisation

With technology being very much a part of our everyday lives, many property owners have included smart technology customisations into their renovation projects such as charging stations for phones or computers. Some of these renovation ideas involve adding charging stations into existing cupboards so that the gadgets and wires are out of sight or installing electrical outlets with built-in USB charging ports.

Goslett says while knowing the top trends is important, it is more important to ensure that the project grows the investment value of the property and adds to its appeal. With any renovation project the key is to have a budget and a plan before getting started, he says

Home décor trends for 2014

21 Feb 2014

While most people are big believers in decorating according to personality and style preference, it’s always nice to know what décor analysts are predicting for the year ahead and to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of interiors.

The hottest colour in 2014 is predicted to be yellow.

Metal elements

Having entered the décor scene in 2013, the popularity of brass, copper and steel is set to increase in 2014.

These durable metals are affordable and timeless. They can be used to give a space an industrial feel, but work just as well with a vintage theme.

The former can most easily be achieved in the kitchen, with brass pots and pans, and cooker hoods. Do vintage in the bedroom with brass or copper bed frames, antique brass lamps, or more affordably with vintage brass handles and knobs. Or add an industrial touch with galvanised pipe fittings and accessories.

Yellow, mellow or not

The hottest colour in 2014 is predicted to be yellow.

The hue will depend on your personal taste but you can choose any tint from neon or acid tints if you’re daring, or pastel shades if a softer look is preferred.

Male influences will be seen much more widely in homes this year.

Great colours to team yellow with are greens, blues and whites. These combinations work especially well in sun rooms, living rooms or deck areas. It is easy for yellow to overpower other colours, so keeping it for accents only is a recommended option.

Introduce small splashes of yellow with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in satin or gloss. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse.

Neo classical inspiration

Ancient Roman and Greek busts are set to be huge this year.

The Roman and Grecian influence will filter through to furniture as well. Think couches with elaborate rounded feet and arm rests.

Ancient Egypt will play a big role in décor too, from paintings to wallpaper and sculptures. You can opt to fuse these elements with more modern pieces to redo entire rooms, or scatter a few small pieces throughout your home.

Circular and geometric shapes

Square shapes are out in 2014. The focus will be on circles and geometric lines.

Square shapes are out in 2014. The focus will be on circles and geometric lines.

They appear in tables, chairs, couches, bedding, carpets, chandeliers and other overhead lights. They make it to the table and walls as well in the form of bowls, vases, clocks and oversized pendant lights.

The playful shapes of circles and geometric lines have been seen at design expos the past year or two, so it’s great to see that they’re finally making their way into our homes. They are shapes that are perfectly suited to individuals with a taste for futuristic elements and clean silhouettes.

Male influences

With gender roles overlapping more and more, it was only a matter of time until the pieces in the den were moved into the lounge or bedroom.

That’s right, male influences will be seen much more widely in homes this year. But it won’t be about transforming a room to be purely masculine, it will be about fusing the leather and heavy furniture typically favoured by men with softer elements preferred by women.

The key to success will be in striking a healthy balance, so look forward to interesting debates with your other half in 2014.

Article courtesy of www.home-dzine.co.za

2014 luxury kitchen trends

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10 Jan 2014

Almost every homeowner would look at ways to add affordable style to their kitchen, but what about those who want only the best… the ultimate luxury for their kitchen?

When shopping for new appliances it’s essential to look at the energy saving options that are incorporated.

Here are the latest trends in kitchen design and how you can add luxury to any kitchen.

Stainless steel finishes continue to draw consumers, but a move towards natural materials gains momentum as new products are launched, engineered for practical use.

Where do I start to plan a new kitchen?

To create a designer kitchen with all the mod cons and luxury fittings, you need to keep up with the latest products and know what’s on the market, from countertops and fittings, to the latest high-tech kitchen appliances.

Browse online to review kitchen installers in your region. Looking at what’s on offer will not only give you an idea of what’s trendy for your new kitchen installation, but also offer you a variety of styles to create an online collection of images that define your style and what you want from your kitchen.

Don’t settle for less than the best when lighting a kitchen.

Modern kitchens are functional, versatile and practical. They are a place where family and friends can gather and create.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the right kitchen countertop for you?

When designing a new kitchen, or remodelling an existing one, you’ll want to call in the professionals to do the installation for you. These guys know what’s on the market, any new product launches, and can make recommendations based on your choice of design and how hard the kitchen works.

In a rustic kitchen you may want to look at natural wood or wood grain finishes that are warmer and softer on the eye, while a contemporary kitchen demands granite or caesarstone and ultra-smooth satin or high-gloss finishes.

While eco-friendly materials are increasingly available, you don’t want to compromise on design excellence.

Kit out your kitchen with the latest technology

Online window shopping has never been easier. Simply select your supplier of choice and view the products on offer. You will be able to choose a finish that matches the style of your kitchen, whether it be white, stainless steel or colour.

A stand-out design with luxury taps will not only look good, but will add even more functionality to a well-planned design.

When shopping for new appliances it’s essential to look at the energy saving options that are incorporated. Not only saving you time and money, energy efficient appliances are the future.

High-tech appliances have evolved to meet the changing trends for cooking and entertaining at home.

It’s all in the details

Sinks and taps

As the saying goes…”Everything but the kitchen sink!” It might only be one element in a kitchen design, but fitting the right sink means everything at the end of the day. When installed in a separate scullery, the sink is not as important as one that is the feature in a kitchen.

A stand-out design with luxury taps will not only look good, but will add even more functionality to a well-planned design.

Handles and knobs

You will need pull-out drawers for pots and pans, easy access to the bin for kitchen waste, plus other accessories that make your kitchen functional and a pleasure to cook in.

When designing a kitchen many homeowners tend to forget the small details… handles and knobs. It’s these details that add a finishing touch to any kitchen. Soft-touch drawers are a popular choice for a streamlined kitchen design, but there’s no denying that handles and knobs add character and function to every kitchen.


Designing a kitchen with plenty of storage is a number one priority, unless you have a built-in pantry or scullery. You will need pull-out drawers for pots and pans, easy access to the bin for kitchen waste, plus other accessories that make your kitchen functional and a pleasure to cook in.

Discuss your storage requirements in detail with the kitchen installer, so that everything is covered before the installation begins.


Don’t settle for less than the best when lighting a kitchen. Layered lighting is essential in a room that caters for a wide range of activities at all times of the day.

Shop around for general, accent and task lighting that will enhance functionality and complement the design.

The trick to creating a luxurious dream kitchen is to keep it simple with a few select finishes that incorporate textures. You want a look that is modern and luxurious without being cluttered and over-the-top.

Let the design speak for itself and add a few extravagant touches to enhance the overall look and feel.

Article courtesy of www.home-dzine.co.za